How Awesome Is This 1966 Volkswagen Beetle?

We love all things automotive and often find ourselves on the net looking for epic stories to feed on such as restoration projects, custom built cars and modifications. So we came accross this 1966 pale green Volkswagen Beetle, restored to its glorious almost factory spec! What is striking about it is the condition and how close it looks to the off-the-factory model with clean paintwork, original wheels with white-wall and chromed hubcaps, chrome nudge bar, and the interior is the real deal ’60s.

This Volkswagen Beetle will not set the drag-strip alight with pace and agility as it features a modest 1960’s 1.3 engine producing 37kW that can enable the bug to accelerate to 100km/h in 23 seconds. Ok so it’s not the fastest animal or insect out there, but we do admire the car’s pristine condition and the detail this restoration has pulled, i’m sure the owner was tempted to add some modern features but remained focused on keeping everything as closest to original as possible.

Full Details and images here

Absolut Sabs

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