How Cool Is That! 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

The essence of customising a car, or anything for that matter, is to standout and be unique. We often go on to create that uniqueness and get it right and sometimes we end up with a mess of an over-styled and tacky by-product. No, not in this case! This is a 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster, a brainchild of a car enthusiast who combined the “flamboyant style of 1930s French coachbuilding with the distinctly American tradition of the Hot Rod.” It’s quite incredibly stunning in our books and is sure one automotive piece that you’ll standout in. The paintwork, the detailing and the finishing add to that feat. Looking at it from some angles it resembles an insect especially with the wheels completely covered in shell style bodywork, add to that the oversized headlamps and you have housefly looking front-end.

It’s such a dramatic looking automotive artwork that will indeed make you standout and unique. Appreciated at CarTrendz.

Further details and narrative are found on PistonHeads

Absolut Sabs

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