Slow Driving Fast Lane Hogger Fined

I’m sure at some point you have encountered a motorist in front of you on a freeway hogging that fast lane subsequently holding back volumes of traffic behind them, often than not deliberately so. Annoying right? Well this traffic officer in the USA’s state of Indiana had spotted a driver doing just that and issued a ticket for it is an offence in that state. Sgt. Stephen Wheeles (My Hero) says on his Tweeter feed “I stopped this vehicle today for a left lane violation on I-65. The driver had approximately 20 cars slowed behind her because she would not move back to the right lane. Again…if there are vehicles behind you, you must move to the right lane to allow them to pass.”

Well in his reference is the Left Lane because they (USA) drive on the left hand side versus our right hand side.
The frustration with this scenario is that the “hogger”doesn’t know whether or not you have an emergency and need to get on with it and move, quite selfish I say. By no means does this condone reckless speeding but one needs to be responsible about their driving and respect other road users and that includes making way for vehicles behind you on the fast lane when you are needlessly there, especially at lower speeds with no traffic ahead of you. At times most bumps and crashes happen behind the slower vehicle and I have witnessed such incidents even though some may be distracted by their phones and not paying attention.

I think it’s simple: Keep Left. Pass Right. Kudos to you Sgt. Stephen Wheeles.

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