That Rare Sight Of A Bugatti Veyron In South Africa!

We don’t know whose is it nor do we care to know but one thing I can tell you is that this car has presence even though it has already been replaced by the Chiron. Spotted on the streets of Sandton, this 2008 Veyron is the HERMES Edition featuring a two-tone paintwork and of course if you need to be reminded, the Bugatti Veyron is powered by an 8-litre 16-cylinder (W16) Quad-Turbo engine generating 746kW and a whopping 1250N.M of torque. This thing can go from zero to one hundred kilometres per hour in 2,5 seconds and keep going up to 400 km/h, and can also come to a full stop from that high speed under 10 seconds! Tell me about your M3 again?

Absolut Sabs

I am just a car enthusiast who loves cars, enjoys motoring content and spends most time drooling over cars I can't afford. Take me to a Motorshow and we're friends for life.

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