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The Rise of The Ford Mustang Sales 2018

The Ford Mustang is an iconic car, an iconic American sports car to be precise, a car that requires little to no introduction to even the most of laymen folk out there. So it popularity is understandable as it featured in movie scenes and owned by famous people as well. The current model was finally produced in Right Hand Drive and subsequently arrived in South Africa in December 2015.

When it arrived it was launched with a mouth watering sticker price and rather awesome engines to shoot along. Available as fastback and a convertible both fitted with a 233kW 2.3 4-cylinder Ecoboost and a 306kW 5.0 V8 GT priced at no more than R883 000 at the time.

Fastforward to 2018 and we’ve been following the sales trend of this beast, seeing that it’s gathering momentum and popularity on the chart. As of August 2008 the Mustang was able to reach over 100 units in a single month, setting it up to be the best selling sports car in the country, seconded by the Jaguar F-Type with 4 units. It’s also worth noting that some car companies such as Porsche, BMW and Mercedes-Benz only report aggregated sales data so we’ll have an unlikely accurate reading, but we’ll work with those present in class!

The popularity of the Mustang, we reckon, is down to it being ever so charming and likeable and so why it sees so much relative success.

Have a look at the line chart below for trajectory of the last 4 months to get a picture

Even with over 100 units in August, it cannot match markets such as Australia where they have sold over 700 units in the month of August alone. Well those folks over there have more king than we do so.. ya.

Here at CarTrendz we love the Mustang especially the 5.0 V8 GT and are hoping it will continue to run the segment like a Bullit.

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