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Riding Shotgun In A Golf-8 GTI

So the Golf-8 GTI is out and it’s causing quite a difference of opinion on how it looks and the power output. Some love it and some simply hate it! Well it’s understandable that those who are pro-GTI will love it and those anti-GTI will not but rather praise their brand of preference’s offering. It’s a game of camps folks and it’s intense! The expectation with this new GTI is a power output that matches the Hyundai i20N and the Honda Civic Type-R but it doesn’t, rather a mere 11kW increase from 169kW to 180 kW and 350N.m to 370 Nm. Perhaps the power is sufficient to propel the hot hatch to the top. The thing with the GTI is the consistency and the winning recipe that receives minor tweaks and that explains its market dominance.

So with that information on the table, what is it like being in the passenger seat while the GTI is put through its paces? Well the guys at Auto Express have been offered that opportunity with the head of Driving Dynamics, Steering and Control Systems – Karsten Schebsdat. That’s basically the guy who makes sure the GTI corners like a pro. The article is written by Stefan Voswinkel of Auto Express and he goes on to note that “The new GTI effortlessly accelerates to its maximum speed of 155mph, and comfortably sits there without so much as breaking a sweat. Then, with no warning, driving dynamicist Schebsdat cuts from the far right of the four-lane high-speed strip to the far left. At 155mph. And the GTI? It’s unfazed. No swaying, no rocking, nothing. It remains planted.” That’s impressive then considering it was driven through twisty country roads, right?

So being thrown around those twisty and bumpy roads, there has to be some understeer detected?

“Even from the passenger seat, understeer seems to be all but eliminated through the tightest of bends. It has been achieved partly through the car’s new electronics platform, which enables faster and better communication between all of its systems”  This seems like the objective is met then, considering Karsten Schebsdat’s long tittle.

Perhaps the GTI is not a straight line weapon but rather a tamed pony that obeys its master, does what it’s told and gives you what you expect.

Some quick stats:
Engine: 2.0-litre
Cylinders: 4
Aspiration: Turbocharged
Power: 180kW
Torque: 370Nm
Transmission: Seven-speed DSG
Drive: Front-wheel drive

Pictures by Auto Express

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