US-Spec Navara Still Pushes On With The 2005 Model

The Nissan Navara nameplate was introduced in our market in 2005, before that we had the Hardbody nameplate for the 1-ton bakkie. The Hardbody however remained in production from the the Rosslyn plant in Pretoria, under the NP300 nameplate as a budget friendly offering workhorse. In 2014 the new (current) Navara was unveiled and introduced in South Africa in 2017.

While we have the pleasure and privilege of having the latest Nissan Navara, some markets like the USA are still soldiering on with the 2005 body shape, albeit being refreshed to keep up. This is because the current model was not developed with the US market in mind and so carried on offering the previous generation model. Named the Frontier, the refreshed pick-up is offered with an all-new 3.8L direct injection V6 engine and all-new 9-speed automatic transmission for the year 2020. This naturally aspirated V6 engine, which replaces the old 4.0L V6, produces 231kW and is said to be the same engine to be offered in the next generation US-Spec Frontier. This 2020 model available in King Cab, Crew Cab Short Wheelbase and Crew Cab Long Wheelbase bodies and in a choice of 4×2 and 4×4 drive configurations.

The interior is also a continuation and easily shows its age, featuring a relatively small touchscreen infotainment screen and the same-old design steering wheel. It’s also worth noting that the current Navara platform is shared with the Mercedes-Benz X-Class Renault Alaskan. Until a completely redesigned model in 2021, they’ll have to make do with the 15+ year old platform.

Source: Nissan Communications

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